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Anne McGurty is an exceptionally talented consultant who has the ability to guide you toward transforming your life or business into a successful and efficient powerhouse. When I first reached out to Anne, I was engulfed in chaos; however, her caring support and guidance swiftly dispelled the cloud, allowing me to bask in the sunshine of simplicity.

Blake Carroll, Th.D.

When I think of Anne McGurty, the phrase 'problem solver' immediately comes to mind. I've had the pleasure of knowing Anne since 2012, during which time we collaborated on personal development and leadership skills. What impressed me the most was Anne's exceptional ability to listen and understand her clients beyond just their words. Anne's infectious laugh and smile added to the experience. She would be an invaluable asset for any opportunity requiring leadership and communication skills.

Jeff Fagin

As someone who regularly interacts with entrepreneurs and business owners, I'm often underwhelmed. However, Anne continues to impress me daily with her organization, drive, persistence, and passion. She's a real problem solver with a zest for life and helping others.

Gia Heller

I first encountered Anne when she gave a presentation to our Rotary club, and I was immediately impressed. I subsequently purchased her book and hired her for assistance with organizing my existing business, Fore Peaks Real Estate, and strategizing for my new venture, QuickFind Numbers. Anne accomplishes a remarkable amount of work in a short time and excels at finding solutions for complex workplace problems. I highly recommend her!

Michelle Holcomb

I've known Anne McGurty for many years since hiring her as our Director of Procurement at Encoda (Harris). She demonstrated excellent skills in policy development, procedures, and employee communication. I've continued collaborating with her and recommending her consulting services to clients.

David Johnson

I've had the pleasure of working with Anne in various sectors, including the private sector, the public sector, and at home. Anne possesses a remarkable talent for simplifying initial organization and maintaining continuity in knowing where things are. Her coaching style is personable and caring. If I ever change jobs, Anne will come with me!

Sharla Allan