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Want to explore ten compelling reasons why business consulting is vital for small business owners?

Check out my comprehensive guide. Learn how expert guidance, strategic planning, and improved efficiency can revolutionize your business operations. Click here for actionable business growth strategies!

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Career Reinvention Blueprint

Break free from career stagnation and confidently embark on a new path. My personalized blueprint and project plan will guide you toward a career or business venture based on your passions and goals. Whether it's navigating a career change or reducing stress levels, I’m here to support your journey to success.

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Empowering Community Hub

Join my vibrant online community for camaraderie, networking, and support. Access group coaching, focused tools, and templates designed to launch and grow your new business. Connect with like-minded individuals and harness the power of collective wisdom to propel your entrepreneurial journey forward.

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Barrier-Breaking Business Growth

Overcome the growth barriers hindering your small business. I’ll conduct a thorough analysis to identify obstacles and create a customized plan for sustainable growth. From strategic guidance to actionable steps, I'll help you navigate the path to the next level of success.

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Welcome to the world of Anne McGurty
Where Excellence Meets Personalization

Hello, I'm Anne McGurty, your guide on this journey toward achieving peak performance, harmonious work-life integration, and visionary leadership. I am a PMP-certified project management professional who steers individuals and organizations toward their zenith. With years of experience, I've learned about what it truly means to excel without excess.

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My Services

Productivity Prodigy Hub

Welcome to the Productivity Prodigy Hub, where peak performance meets endless possibilities. My comprehensive program is designed to help you realize your full potential and propel your performance to new heights.

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One Off One-On-One Coaching

I’ll work closely with you to address your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations. Whether you need guidance on time management, prioritization, or overcoming obstacles, I’m here to help!

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Power Productivity Blueprint

Dive into my transformative 12-week Power Productivity Blueprint coaching program. You’ll receive access to the productivity blueprint, weekly modules, interactive exercises, and bi-weekly coaching calls.

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Customer Reviews

When I think of Anne McGurty, the phrase 'problem solver' immediately comes to mind. I've had the pleasure of knowing Anne since 2012, during which time we collaborated on personal development and leadership skills. What impressed me the most was Anne's exceptional ability to listen and understand her clients beyond just their words. Anne's infectious laugh and smile added to the experience. She would be an invaluable asset for any opportunity requiring leadership and communication skills.

Jeff Fagin

I've had the pleasure of working with Anne in various sectors, including the private sector, the public sector, and at home. Anne possesses a remarkable talent for simplifying initial organization and maintaining continuity in knowing where things are. Her coaching style is personable and caring. If I ever change jobs, Anne will come with me!

Sharla Allan

As someone who regularly interacts with entrepreneurs and business owners, I'm often underwhelmed. However, Anne continues to impress me daily with her organization, drive, persistence, and passion. She's a real problem solver with a zest for life and helping others.

Gia Heller

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Anne McGurty offers work-life balance coaching and consulting services across Scottsdale, Phoenix, Denver, and the surrounding areas.